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Vida Sustentable

Our Sustainable Universe...


Unforeseeable Risks

A risk that cannot be predicted or planned with due anticipation is called "an unforeseeable risk", for example, earthquake, climate change, electrical storm, wind and water storms, incident/accident, catastrophic illness, volcano eruption, meteorite, sinkhole, buried structure, fire.

Technology is an essential factor and support for our dreams and ideas, but the unforeseeable drive us to something that we cannot see or feel with our senses call faith, but is a form of energy that makes us think "where there is a will, there is a way".

Technology, passion, creativity and innovation will convert the unforeseeable risk in a Foreseen Development.

Money was created to facilitate, mainly, a fair trade by exchanging (barter) one commodity for another, Good or Services...
Money oriented

Sustainability may be the answer to manage the unforeseeable risks; however the fact that we are speeding to achieve "money oriented" instead of "performance oriented" make us displace the good ideas; leaving just "profitable ideas" (in terms of money oriented), available to be completed.

Profits in terms of Money oriented are focused in "amount of money, wealth and power obtained..."

However, Money was created to facilitate a fair interchange (barter) of products and services.

Nowadays, it is used just to measure and accumulate wealth and power; attracting negative goals, low standards and low quality products, non sustainable products, greediness and selfishness...

Therefore, profits are redefined best, in terms of Performance... as follows.

Quality of Life and Excellence, in Peace and Happiness, our main and supreme objetive...

Escalinata a geoglifo
Performance oriented

Performance oriented, instead, is focus in profits as:

sharing and achieving better "Quality of Life and Excellence, in Peace and Happiness"

When we as human beings do positive thinking and live with clear and positive objectives, we are looking forward to sharing and get the best Quality of Life (in terms of LOVE) and Excellence, in Peace and Happiness.

In other words we change our personal goals of “making money or material well-being”, for something more humanized as motivation to excel in peace and happiness, achieving a better Quality of life for us and our future generations.”

Excellence can be achieved by "thinking positive and sustainable"

...following is a sustainable experience worth to apply in our business-life

One of the biggest mines in the world, in the early 80'ties, obtained the world wide Safety award-winning. Decreasing the amount of serious accidents and keeping the planned production levels. These safety implementation allowed the increase of 3 times production of a better quality product, overcoming previous year million dollars losses, improved efficiency, obtained greater worker's relationship, stability, happiness and motivation excelling at all levels of human resources (20,000 /positions/people).

the safety policies of thinking positive, not looking for guilty, emergency plan and rehabilitation, lead to a full evaluation of losses by reviewing Quality Assurance, all systems, methodology and procedures, which motivated human resources to excel.

Summary: Increase and Improvement of the Sustainable Production of a Good Quality Product at different stages

PRE (previous - Planning stage)
Passion - Intelect - Creativity - Innovation

  • "SUSTAINABLE DESIGN, factibilidad, due diligence, design, operational works"
  • "SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT, production and responsibilities for improvement"
  • "LEARNING to LEARN, training, updating, refining and researching knowledge"
  • "QUALITY ASSURANCE periodically, reviewing, auditing and improving all systems and procedures"
  • "INSURANCES and Accountability at all levels"

IN (in - Production stage)
Efficiency - Integrity - Diligence - Emergency Plan

  • Quality Product

POST (post - Feedback stage)
IMPROVEMENTS - feedback - Rehabilitation - to Avoid losses -

  • "ROOM for IMPROVEMENT - not looking for guilty, but positive thinking, what am I doing for..."

as a successful project, all countries in the world share the benefits, from management, products and resources.

Our History...

Working with the main objective of improving Quality and Sustainable environment.

Sustainable Design and Construction

Building sustainable houses, since 1997, with a sustainable design, sustainable materials and a working team passionate for the innovation, allow us to start using sustainable and renewable energy devices, which was a great challenge to the uncertain, motivation to creativity and performance.

New and not regulated by standards or law, but just by passion, intellect and creativity of a sustainable idea, we worked with efficiency, integrity and diligence, starting research and building prototypes of unique, distinctive, well sustainable design and constructed with materials such, that helps to keep our environment as Eden.

The houses built has been able to survive not only the several 6 to 8.9 grades earthquakes (Richter scale), strong winds, storms, humid and acid coastal weather, internal self extinguished fires; but also, saving energy it pays itself in the long run, preserve the environment, sustainable recycling at end of lifespan and allow life with no fear, in those risky areas for at least 100 years.

The main goal of our future generations will be relaxed and directed to improve their lives at home, work, social and entertainment with no worries about accommodation.

Based on these experiences, we are now working in a Sustainable project that focuses our mind in achieving a building that: become an icon in sustainable development, protect life in case of an event deploying an unforeseeable fire or earthquake, it will have an easy way to be refurbished during lifetime, and recycle the remains at the end of the life-span.

... a plethora of beautiful and happy memories.

... building sustainable is the main contributor to a sustainable life, sharing and improving a "good Quality of Life and Excellence, in Peace and Happiness"

"Our Universe is
an ecological sustainable environment,
perfectly balanced,
as Eden, an eternal paradise,
such that allow life and existence."

updated: June 2019


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