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City Murrumba Downs
Unforeseeable Risk
Floods - Bush Fires - Earthquakes

Planning, Designing and Building with "sustainable Systems and Materials",
satisfy our needs of living a good Quality of Life and Excellence, in Peace and Happiness,
our ultimate goal.

© Manuel Ortega F.

Sustainable Project


Our project is Planning, Design and Development of a Sustainable Building with Structural and Emergency Specifications, to satisfy our needs of living in High-Risk environments.
Contrive by the unforeseeable is a permanent challenge to people living in the bush.
Our planet is affected by risks from the outside Universe, from global warming-cooling on the surface and the underground.
We only can manage those processes on the surface.
With this aim, we are to create a sustainable house that can stand up and remain habitable to those unpredictable; also, without distressing the environment, using the latest technology, an affordable solution, and sustainable materials.

© Manuel Ortega F.

Sustainable Building

Research Project

Our project is to design and construct a Sustainable Building, with Structural and Emergency Specifications to satisfy our needs of living in High-Risk environments,

  • to allow them to remain habitable and structurally sound after affected by an unforeseeable risk,
  • to be affordable, with best Quality and Performance,
  • taking advantages of sustainable systems, materials and devices,
  • to allow a fast degradation or recycling at the end of the lifespan,
  • to conform with our needs of living a good Quality of Life and Excellence, in Peace and Happiness.

Project Outline

The Cycle of Excellence

Strategic Direction
Strategic Plan
Operational Scheme

Strategic Direction

The Cycle of Excellence:

Direction: Main Goal
Stages: Dream - Do - Get Tested - Excellence
Action: Feasible ideas, and
Characteristics: Passion - Intellect - Creativity - Innovation

1.-Download full pdf - free

Plan & Design

Stage: DO

Action: Plan - Design - Development
Characteristics: Integrity - Efficiency - Diligence

2.- Download full pdf - free

Operational Scheme

Stage: DO - Get Tested

Action: Operational Development
Check - Audit - Analysis - Tools - Room for Improvement
Life Span: - Human needs - Excellence.

3.- Download full pdf - free

... a project of excellence has:

" a happy ending,
a sustainable environment,
a client satisfied (family),
a motivated and happy working team"

© Manuel Ortega F.

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