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Sustainable Project

Unforeseeable Floods-Fire-Earthquake
Unforeseeable Risk
Floods - Bush Fires - Earthquakes

Planning, Design and Build with "sustainable Systems and Materials", satisfy our needs of living a good Quality of Life and Excellence, in Peace and Happiness, our ultimate goal.
Manuel Ortega F.


Our project is Planning, Design and Development of a Sustainable Building with Structural and Emergency Specifications, to satisfy our needs of living in High-Risk environments.

Contrive by the unforeseeable is a permanent challenge to people living in the bush.

Our planet is affected by risks from the outside Universe, from global warming-cooling on the surface and the underground.

We only can manage those processes on the surface.

With this aim, we are to create a sustainable house that can stand up and remain habitable to those unpredictable; also, without distressing the environment, using the latest technology, an affordable solution, and sustainable materials.

© Manuel Ortega F.


The forest is harshly affected by unforeseeable risks, to overcome consequential devastation it needs effective risk management. Floods and winds produced by cyclonic weather, bush fires and earthquakes, are difficult to predict, control and subsist. The forest also attracts us for entertainment like mountain rides, bush walks, camping activities, relaxation buildings and resorts. The fact that we live in those risky areas determines a smart and efficient sustainable risk management.

About us

Manuel Ortega Farfan
Civil Construction Engineer
Land Development, Senior Project Manager
Chile, Australia - 1967 - 2019

Manuel worked in Chile on numerous unique and big projects at an underground and open-pit mine, where records and achievements in production, development, OH&S and loss control, were rewarded by important national and international organizations.

He also implemented in a Ski Resort a unique, innovative and safe Snow Avalanche Control System, with visiting Lectures at the two best Universities in Chile.

Participated in IT own business implementing IT software/hardware at an Institute and recently established University.

Construction of the first two-level house built with sustainable systems and materials in Chile (1996), plus other sustainable projects. Our guidelines motivated the sustainable planning, design and, construction at Universities, professionals and trade, from South/Central to North of Chile and other countries.

In Australia, he worked in multiple projects of Land Development, which include semi-residential and residential blocks of land and high quality and modern buildings and houses.

He also worked improving efficiency applying an IT system to do cataloguing of supply items in BHP 8 coal mines.

Now retired working since 2017, in a research project about sustainable Planning, Design and Construction of buildings, capable of remaining Habitable and Structurally Sound after being affected by an unforeseeable risk, like Flood, Fire or Earthquake.

Conventions and Publications:
  • Second Latin American Congress of OH&S – 1979, Chile.
    Attended as Chilean representative, with a research project.
    “Epidemiological and environmental aspects of Silicosis 1970-1978, in Division Andina (underground mine)”
  • International Hydrological Symposium “Snow and Ice Hydrology in Latin America” - 1984,
    with a Research project “Ice blasting and opening of the “South-South mine” in Codelco-Chile.
  • National Symposium of Blasting Specialist
    Attended as representative with a research project “Avalanche Control in a Ski resort” 1986.
  • Design and Construction of Sustainable buildings with sustainable systems and materials.1996-2019
    Web Site with information to motivate the use of sustainable systems and materials.

Sustainable Building


Research Project Global Specifications
  • to allow them to remain habitable and structurally sound after affected by an unforeseeable risk,
  • to be affordable, with best Quality and Performance,
  • taking advantages of sustainable systems, materials and devices,
  • to allow a fast degradation or recycling at the end of the lifespan,
  • to conform with our needs of living a good Quality of Life and Excellence, in Peace and Happiness.

Project Outline

The Cycle of Excellence

Strategic Direction
Strategic Plan
Operational Scheme

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Strategic Direction

The Cycle of Excellence:

Direction: Main Goal
Stages: Dream - Do - Get Tested - Excellence
Action: Feasible ideas, and
Characteristics: Passion - Intellect - Creativity - Innovation

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Strategic Plan & Design

Stage: DO

Action: Plan - Design - Development
Characteristics: Integrity - Efficiency - Diligence

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Operational Scheme

Stage: DO & Get Tested

Action: Operational Development
Check - Audit - Analysis - Tools - Room for Improvement
Life Span: - Human needs - Excellence.

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