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Sustainable Lifee - Updatedo Jul2019 - DRAFT

Unforeseeable Risk

Unforeseeable not able to be predicted or planned with due anticipation.

Risk possibility of danger, harm or loosing something of value.

Milky Way - Solar System
Milky Way - Solar system


Our Project vs Unforeseeable Risk

Unforeseeable Risk is something that can't be predicted or planned with due anticipation. It may cause danger, harm or loss. While related to the environment or human activities they have an impact on us, first because the Universe is continually expanding, and its content permanently moving and transforming, perfectly balanced though, in terms of energy conservation, and second because of the swift population growth, which causes drastic changes in the environment. Their content is the - environment and every living organism - which include earth and us, Human beings, our body, our mind. Those energy transformations determine risky and dangerous situations of sometimes catastrophic effects.

We adapt to the new conditions recording and learning from our experiences and planning our future with anticipation to the best of our knowledge, but so challenging that it's never perfect.

We may rely on Insurance, in case of a catastrophe, to avoid getting financially broken. However, it will not prevent losses that come with it.

Though technology is an essential factor and support for our dreams and ideas, the unforeseeable drive us to something that we cannot see or feel with our senses, call faith, which is a form of energy that makes us think "where there is a will, there is a way".

As Human beings, we adapt and improve to the new conditions of the unforeseeable via research, learning, planning, doing and getting tested, a faster and intelligent way that considers improvement in the full cycle and also with a good design, technology, passion, intellect, creativity and innovative thinking.

Our Project

Our research project is to design and construct a sustainable building that takes advantage of sustainable systems, materials and devices. Such that it can remain habitable and structurally sound after been affected by one of the most unpredictable bush fires on buildings situated in the forest with a prune zone of at least 20m.

Unforeseeable Risk

Considered now in the design of this sustainable project... others may be included, but they are not subject of this research.

Human influence
  • losses
  • incident/accident - occupational disease
  • global warming/cooling
Environmental influence
  • fire
  • earthquake
  • noise
  • other organisms invasion

Unforeseeable Risk
Human influence
  • losses
  • migration
  • buried structure
  • catastrophic illness (endemic - epidemic - pandemic)
  • other organisms invasion
  • corruption - crime - terrorism
  • incident/accident - occupational disease
  • global warming/cooling

Humans with population growth over billions, also influence in the Environment's unforeseeable risks.

Environmental influence
  • fire
  • earthquake
  • wind storm - (cyclon - tornado - hurricane - tempest - typhoon)
  • electrical storm - (thunderstorm - tempest)
  • noise
  • rain/hail/cloudburst storm - (flood - flash flood - deluge)
  • snow/ice storm - (avalanche - landslide)
  • tsunami
  • dust/sand storm
  • sinkhole
  • meteorite
  • volcano eruption
  • weather - climate change
  • other organisms invasion

money was not created to accumulate unreasonable Wealth and Power.
It was created to facilitate, a fair trade by exchanging (as barter) one commodity for another, Goods or Services...
Money oriented

NOT Looking for guilty

Not looking for guilty means Reason and Excellence

Sustainability is the answer to manage unforeseeable risk. However, the fact that we are speeding to achieve COST EFFECTIVE based on money-oriented instead of performance and quality, make us displace the good ideas, leaving just profitable ideas available to be completed.

Profits in terms of Money oriented are focused in "amount of money, wealth and power obtained..."

However, Money was created to facilitate a fair interchange (barter) of products and services.

Nowadays, we cann't deny that very often is used just to measure and accumulate wealth and power instead; attracting negative goals, low standards and low-quality products, unsustainable products, greediness and selfishness....

If we apply our capacity of reasoning to achieve Quality of Life and Excellence, then NOT looking for guilty means:

PROFITS are redefined best, in terms of COST EFFECTIVE based on PERFORMANCE and QUALITY.

Planning - Doing - Getting tested - Feed-Back

Room for Improvement

Strategic Planning - Room for Improvement

Planning Scheme (pdf)

Chronicle of Sustainable works

A chronicle of the design and construction of works we did to achieve a better quality of life and a sustainable environment (1997 - 2019). igloo
Sustainable Design and Construction

Building sustainable houses, since 1997 in Chile and Australia, with a sustainable design, sustainable materials and a working team passionate for the innovation, allow us to start using sustainable and renewable energy devices, which was a great challenge to the uncertain, motivation to creativity and performance.

New and not regulated by standards or law, but just by passion, intellect and creativity with a sustainable idea, we started to research and building prototypes of unique, distinctive, well sustainable design and constructed with materials such, that conceptually help to keep our environment as an Eden.

Unforeseeable Risks:

The houses have outstanding behaviour to the following unforeseeable's:

  • they resisted the strongest earthquakes on earth; from 6 to 8.9 grades Richter scale,
  • strong winds,
  • rainstorms,
  • electrical storms,
  • humid and acid coastal weather,
  • internal self-extinguished fires, and
  • other organisms invasion

The type of construction had also the following advantages:

  • save energy which pays the land and building in the long run,
  • lower sustainable maintenance
  • increased their standard duration from 20 to 100 years, with a difference
    preserves the environment at construction stage, during maintenance and by having sustainable recycling at the end of the lifespan and,
  • allows life with no fear in those risky areas.

Our future generations will be relaxed and directed to improve their lives at home, work, social and entertainment with no worries about accommodation*******.

Therefore the houses being safe, long-lasting buildings and environmentally-friendly allow their inhabitants a better quality of life and excellence.

Abstract New ProjectDRAFT

Based on these experiences, we are now working since 2017, in a Sustainable project that focuses our mind in achieving a building that:

  • becomes an icon as a sustainable development project,
  • sustainable design and construction
  • applying results of research and testing from University Laboratories to some none standard construction materials
  • help the global warming aspects avoiding CO2 to the atmosphere using straw bales
  • allow use of other sustainable systems as Solar Panels, Rain Water tanks...
  • protect life in case of an event deploying an unforeseeable fire, cyclone or earthquake,
  • it will have an easy way to be refurbished and maintained during a lifetime,
  • recycle the remains at the end of the life-span and will have fast degradation.

... a plethora of beautiful and happy memories.

... building sustainable is the main contributor to a sustainable life, sharing and improving a "good Quality of Life and Excellence, in Peace and Happiness"

UN - United Nations - Agenda 2030

Sustainable Development Goals

We are looking forward to get involve in Partnership to achieve some of the 17 goals (***) of the United Nations, in 2030.

17 Goals - UN Agenda 2030

  • 1 (***) No Poverty (***)
  • 2 Zero Hunger
  • 3 Good Health and Well-Being
  • 4 Quality Education
  • 5 Gender Equality
  • 6 Clean Water and Sanitation
  • 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • 10 Reduced Inequalities
  • 11 (***) Sustainable Cities and Communities (***)
  • 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 13 Climate Action
  • 14 Life Below Water
  • 15 Life on Land
  • 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  • 17 Partnerships for the Goals

17 Goals - UN Agenda 2030

"Our Universe is
an ecological sustainable environment,
perfectly balanced,
as Eden, an eternal paradise,
such that allow life and existence."

updated: Jul2019


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