Sustainable Thinking

Sustainable Thinking

Building with Straw Bales
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Sustainable Thinking - Australia/Chile

updated - 062022
updated - 062022
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This web site provide information about Sustainable environment (SE), Materials (SM) like Straw, and a Research project (SP) at feasibility stage Mar2020, about a building able to stand up and be habitable to an unforeseeable fire or earthquake.

Building with
Straw Bales





Web pages from our old Web Site (as requested in spanish)
Our experience - Chile, Australia
Research ideas
Acceptable Solutions
Internacional standards not approved yet (in spanish and english)
Appendix R from previous link (in English)
Advantages - Contribution - Disadvantages
Straw bale Sustainable contribution
Qualities building with Straw Bales
some Disadvantages using Straw Bales
Financial aspects and sustainable Investments with Straw Bales
Financial aspects and Investments
Renewable Resources
Healthy Environment
Sustainable Project - Engineering
Sustainable Thinking - Australia/Chile

"Building with a Sustainable System and Materials, Straw Bales - 1996 - 2022..."
Sustainable Thinking - Australia/Chile