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Sustainable natural Home - Sustainable High rise Buildings - Sustainable Modern Life

In time gone by... sustainability was solved with creative and innovative ideas

building with straw bales in a continent
is equivalent to building iglus with bales of ice in the Antarctic/Arctic - 100% sustainable product

Sustainable Photo Gallery

Our Sustainable Goals are:

to improve Quality of Life and achieve Excellence - in Peace and Happiness

(1996 - 2019)

antartida  - CHILE 1st straw bale house in two levesl - CHILE casa cpmstruida con fardos de paja - CHILE

ice bale iglu - straw bale house - Sustainable Modern House

casa comstruida con fardos de paja - CHILE

1st two level house built with sustainable materials - Chile


DREAMS: A Museum - Observatorium - Resort - Shops - a sustainable building that could be the start of a turist city in the Outback in Australia

Straw bale design

DREAMS: ULURU - Outback in Australia without impact in the environment

Straw bale design Buiding design with sustainable materials and devices

A Sustainable Project - Carolina Fernandez Soto - Architect

Interior patios South view

Atacama desert - Chile


Straw bale construction - Chile internal walls timber straw bales

Straw bale walls - Timber structure
Unforeseeable Risks: The houses built have been able to survive not only the several 6 to 9 grades earthquakes (Richter scale), strong winds, storms, humid and acid coastal weather, internal self extinguished fires;

Art panel at Kin Kin Doris Ortega - Chile House architectural design 3 levels

Australia: Mural Art work Kin Kin Worshop --- Newton House - Sustainable material

Chilean landscape - photo MariaJose Ahumada Cesani Karawatha building biodegradable waste Land Development 5,000 semi-residential and residential blocks of lands

Australia: Farm production --- Biodegradable waste --- Land Development


straw bale construction straw bale construction

Santiago - Chile     ------    Brisbane - Australia

straw bale construction

Queensland - Australia - Storm water - Lakes and Wet Lands

straw bale construction straw bale construction

Land Development - QLD Australia

straw bale construction

Rancagua - Chile - Sustainable shadows

Open Pit mine - Chile

Underground & Open Pit mines - Production - Development - OH&S - Opening of an Open Pit connecting an Underground mine

Portillo ski resort - Avalanche Control

Snow Avalanche Control unique and innovative system

Land Development

Land Development semi-residential and residential blocks of lands

United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals

straw bale construction
(2019 - 2030)  

Sustainability in terms of energy savings dignify and improve the quality and lifestyle of all.

Building sustainable houses considering: Quality - Structural & Emergency - Standard Specifications - Code compliant; brings dignity, high respect for our congeners, add value chain, and allow Peace and Happiness.

Zero Poverty with sustainable building - Modular sustainable houses
Affordable and Dignifying

Standards mean better value for all. They ensure the quality and consistency of products and services, giving businesses and consumers greater peace of mind. They also benefit the economy, improve health and safety, protect our natural resources, and improve our quality of life.

Standards - Australia

INN - Instituto Nacional de Normalizacion - Chile

Straw Bale Construction straw bale construction

UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030
17 Goals including: No poverty + Zero Hunger + more ...

"Our Universe is
an ecological sustainable environment,
perfectly balanced,
as Eden, an eternal paradise,
such that allow life and existence."