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Construir con fardos de paja en un continente
es comparable a
construir iglus con fardos de hielo en la Antártida,

productos 100% sustentables.

casas con fardos de de 2 pisos con fardos de paja ... 1ra casa de dos pisos construida con fardos de paja - CHILE... iglu con fardos de hielo

Proyectos sustentables CHILE
  Construcción con Fardos de paja  

(1996 - 2000)  

1ra casa de dos pisos construida con fardos de paja - CHILE casa con fardos de paja
vista interior y colores que luego se pierden con el estuco Vista Sur Construccion con Fardos de paja - Chile
straw bale construction Fardos de paja sustentabilidad
Paisaje chileno - Lo Miranda Construccion con fardos

Bodegas Industriales - Materiales de alto riesgo  

soluciones aceptables

Construidas bajo estándares Chilenos e Internacionales

fardos de paja de trigo sustentabilidad es un eden universidades retoman construccion solar sistemas sustentables energia solar
energia aeolica sistema aguas lluvias drenaje de aguas lluvias uso de aguas techo construccion sustentable

Queensland Projects - Australia  
Land Development - Project Management
2002 - 2017

aislacion termica

(-)Brisbane City  

(1)Karawatha building - car park and gardening  

(2)Collins Newton House - Straw bale house - Sustainable proyect  

(3) Doris Art in a Straw Bale House, Brisbane Australia

  (1)  aislacion electrica (2)  proteccion contra vectores (3)  straw-bale-arts

Land Development at:
Wade Consulting, Bowden Group Australia, Brisbane City Council and Private

Paradise Heights - Ipswich
Pimpama Rivers - Gold Coast
Bunker Road - Brisbane
Blunder Road - Brisbane
Windle Road - Ipswich
360 Benhiam Street -
Marinas Raby Bay - Cleveland
Maleny Stages 4 - 5 - 6- 7
Car Park Chanel 9
Adrossan Road Shops
Sumners Road

Manuel y Doris Ortega

Land Development various projects

aislacion acustica aislacion acustica land development Raby Bay
land developmenr McPhail Rd land development Maleny land development Maleny Stage4 to 7

Proyecto Sustentable
"Diseño y Construcción de un edificio sustentable
con especificaciones estructurales y de emergencia,
para satisfacer la necesidad del ser humano de vivir en ambientes de alto riesgo."

"Our Universe is
an ecological sustainable environment,
perfectly balanced as Eden,
an eternal paradise,
such that allow life to exist"

We have been learning for centuries, doing research and testing our findings, to understand the structure and energy transformations of the universe; which includes earth, human life, biodiversity and ecosystems. However, to be able to understand and manage those, it is a long way ahead still to come.

A risk that we cannot predict or plan, with due anticipation, is called "an unforeseeable risk" (earthquakes, climate change, incidents, catastrophic illnesses, volcano eruptions, fires...)

Though technology becomes an important factor and support for our dreams and ideas as steps to human progress, the unforeseeable drive us to something that we cannot see with our senses; but is a form of energy that makes us think "that everything is possible, if we want to", a good definition of faith.

Sustainability may be the answer to manage the unforeseeable risks; however the fact that we are speeding to achieve "money oriented" instead of "performance oriented" make us displace the good ideas; leaving just the profitable ideas available to be completed.

Money oriented is focus in profits as "amount of money".

Performance oriented is focus in profits as "Quality of Life, Excellence, Peace and Happiness"

Building sustainable houses, since 1997, with a sustainable design, sustainable materials, like straw bales, and equipped with sustainable and renewable energy devices, was a great challenge to the uncertain, motivation to creativity and performance.

New and not regulated by standards or law, but just by passion, intellect and creativity of a sustainable idea, we worked with efficiency, integrity and diligence starting research and building prototypes of unique, distinctive, well sustainable design and constructed with materials such, that helps to keep our environment as Eden.

The houses built has been able to survive not only the several 6 to 8.9 grades earthquakes (Richter scale), strong winds, storms, humid and acid coastal weather, even internal self extinguished fires, but also, will preserve the environment and allow life with no fear, in those risky areas for at least 100 years.

The main goal of our future generations will be relaxed and directed to improve their lives at home, work, social and sports with no worries about accommodation.

...they will have an easy way to refurbish during life time and recycle the remains at the end of the life-cycle...

...a plethora of beautiful and happy memories.

...while building sustainable is an addition to sustainable life, a "good Quality of Life, Excellence, Peace and Happiness"

Viviendo sustentable en ambientes de alto riesgo

... ser ingenioso e innovador, significa:

pensar con "Pasión - Intelecto - Creatividad" y hacer con "Eficiencia - Integridad y Diligencia"
sustainable living in high risk areas
Viviendo sustentable en ambientes de alto riesgo: - ... CREATIVIDAD desde el principio de los tiempos

Viviendo sustentable en ambientes de alto riesgo: - ... nuestro cuerpo fue DISEÑADO sustentable y CREADO de materiales sustentables - agua, barro y arcilla

Viviendo sustentable en ambientes de alto riesgo: - ... fashion DESIGN sombra sustentable con materiales sustentables

Viviendo sustentable en ambientes de alto riesgo: - ... algunas ideas sustentables comenzaron con objetivos diferentes - el "usuario último" fue feliz con ellas

Viviendo sustentable en ambientes de alto riesgo: - ... carreteras, calles e infraestructura - bajo constante MEJORAMIENTO

Viviendo sustentable en ambientes de alto riesgo: - ... nuestras ciudades normalmente crecieron en el lugar en que los pioneros se asentaron; el diseño de ellas hoy en día parte de un punto de vista sustentable

"un Proyecto de Excelencia tiene:

un Final Feliz, un Ambiente Sustentable (Eden), un Cliente Satisfecho (familia) y un Equipo de Trabajo Motivado y Feliz"