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Civil Construction Engineer

Positions - Chile 1967 - 1988
Level and Area Manager, Production, Development - Underground mine, Chile.
OH&S Area Manager - Underground mine, Chile.
Superintending engineering projects - Underground/Open Pit mine, Chile.

Positions - Australia 1988 - 2022
Own business - Maintenance to Telephone boxes, all over - Brisbane. Australia.
Own business - Improving IT Cataloguing system for Coal Mines - Brisbane. Australia.
Land Development and Construction, Senior Project Manager, Operation Manager for QLD - Brisbane. Australia.
Own business - Research sustainable project - Brisbane. Australia.

Projects Australia, 1988 - 2022

He worked in multiple projects of Land Development, which include semi-residential and residential,
Development, Design and construction in QLD, with more than 5,000 blocks of land and high quality, modern buildings and houses. No one flooded since.

Applying an IT system to do cataloguing to more than 60,000 supply items in an important Coal mine in Australia. Improving efficiency and methodology.

Brisbane City, several engineering main Access Roads operational works.

Now retired, working since 2017, in a research project about sustainable Planning, Design and Construction of buildings, capable of remaining Habitable and Structurally Sound after being affected by an unforeseeable risk, bush fires. - Feasibility study and Budgets - Australia.

Chile 1967 - 1988, 1997 - 2002

We worked on numerous unique, and big projects at an underground and open-pit mines, whith records and achievements in production, development, and OH&S.

.- OH&S and loss control, implementing the "Cero Hazard Safety System", for the 1st time, in an underground mine, rewarded with "best Safety improvements" by important national and international organizations.
,- OH&S thesis: Epidemiology of Silicosis, Underground Mine. (Ventilation system improvements)
.- Unique Construction in the world, of a Lift 340m height, capacity: 250 people, 2 railways carriages.
.- Development of underground galleries/tunnels operational works.
.- Daily production and development records.
.- Locum of the undergroung mine Operation Manager, on weekends, at least once a month.

.- He also implemented in a Ski Resort a unique, innovative and safe Snow Avalanche Control System, with visiting Lectures at the two best Universities in Chile.

Chile .- Old concrete Buildings implosions at the Andes mountains 2500m osl
.- Succesfully superintending works of Opening an Open Pit at the top of an underground mine at 4,000m osl.
.- Experience of unique works in the world, moving ice and permafrost soil at 4,000m over sea level with civil explosives, 1st time in the world.
.- Underpining a 21m metal structure building at 4000m osl.
.- Constructing a 20m wide gravel road in a 50 degrees slope connecting with a crater at 4000m osl.
.- Construction of a Coils Dam at 2500m osl.
.- All unique works on icy, snowy and up to -38 degrees Celsius and 21m snow/year.

Chile - Construction of a small 9 holes Golf fields on top of rocks and narrow area at 1800m osl.

Chile - IT own business implementing IT software/hardware at an Institute.
Genealogy IT program in PROLOG artificial intelligence language. Project Costing/Budgets in Visual Basic, Fortran, Cobol IT languages.

Chile - Several Warehouses construction projects, to store hazardous chemicals materials.
Chile - Construction of 20,000lts water tanks on site.

Chile - Construction of the first two-level house built with sustainable systems and materials in Chile (1996), plus other houses and sustainable projects - Chile Australia.

Our guidelines motivated the sustainable planning, design and, construction with Straw: to universities, professionals, and tradies, from Chile, and other countries.

Sports and Social

Chile: Athletism 400m - 54sec | Push ball Rancagua City record 11.28m 7kg | Snow Skiing father & son championship
Director Snow Ski Club - Chile
Construction of small 9 holes Golf Club
Director of a Golf Club - Chile
Australia Cycling Airlie Beach-Shute Harbour's race, 1st in 19min 19km, 150 competitors | Golf handicap 19 |
Voluntary work Red Cross | Handicaped Association of Brisbane

  • Second Latin American Congress of OH&S – 1979, Chile.
    Attended as Chilean representative, with a research project.
    “Epidemiological and environmental aspects of Silicosis 1970-1978, in an underground mine”
  • International Hydrological Symposium “Snow and Ice Hydrology in Latin America” - 1984,
    with a Research project “Ice blasting and opening of the “South-South mine” in Codelco-Chile.
  • National Symposium of Blasting Specialist
    Attended as representative with a research project “Avalanche Control in a Ski resort” 1986.
  • Publications:
  • Design and Construction of Sustainable buildings with sustainable systems and materials.1996-2022. Chile - Australia.
  • This Web Site: htpps://ocinet.cl with information to motivate the use of sustainable systems and materials.

A Sustainable Project of Excellence has a Happy ending, a Sustainable Environment,
Clients satisfied (Families), a Motivated and Happy Development and Production working Team.

(*) All these Projects were successful, thanks to a "Working Team" conformed by:
Investors, Developers, Professionals, Tradies, and Administration personnel.